Established 2019
We are setting new standards in the wealth management space since the establishment of the Horizon Trading Fund more than three years ago
Exploring new heights
Ever since the start of the fund, clients and management are reaching new financial heights together, smashing the 50% gross profit target each year again and again
Individual risk management
Standard risk of 20% too high? No problem! Every investor has the possibility to adjust the risk management on his own on a quarterly basis to ensure a risk profile cut for each investor individually.
Maximum loss options
Working with liquidation programs in the background, each investor can set a maxium loss limit on request in accordance to his personal risk setting.
Fair profit splits, no other costs
Offering one of the most cost effective profit split plans at 30%, the Horizon Fund is fair to both, the investor and trading management - no management or other fees!
Flexible payouts and deposits
After a minimum holding time of a single quarter, investors can withdraw funds weekly. Deposits can be done via bankwire, Paypal and stablecoins on a weekly basis.
24/7 support for clients
We take care of our clients and you are going to feel that! 24/7 support is the absolute minimum we set ourself to ensure a secure and most welcome feeling.
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unparalleled profits with a minimized risk profile